How to authorize Toucan Toco for Github

The application to install for Github Instant Data Story is a Github app : In order to retrieve required parameters such as your organization’s name, the application should be installed by the organization admin. In this tutorial we will describe the flow from a non-admin user perspective.

The steps below can be performed as a simple Github User

First, go to the sign-up screen

signup screen

Click on “AUTHORIZE RETRIEVING DATA FROM GITHUB” A pop-up will open to login to Github.

login Github

Input your username & password, then you are redirected to the authorization screen. DO NOT CLICK ON Authorize ToucanTocoApp ! If you do so, the app will be authorized without being installed and the sign-up won’t generate an application with real data. Refer to this section for a detailed explanation on what is the Github’s application with fake data.

authorize Github

On this screen, click on “Learn more about ToucanTocoApp” You will be redirected to the application’s presentation page.

presentation Github

On this screen, click on “Install”, it will then ask you Where do you want to install ToucanTocoApp?. You must choose your organization (and not your personal account).

where to install Github

Then the next screen will ask you the repositories for which you want to install the application, select All repositories. Below, it shows the required read-only permissions.

Request to install Github

This screen helps you to Request the installation to the Organization’s admin. Click on Request and then you are redirected to the sign-up screen. You can close this window.

In the signup page, you can click on “AUTHORIZE RETRIEVING DATA FROM GITHUB”. You will again see the authorization screen. From here you can either:

  • Wait for the Organization’s admin to install the application at the organization level and signup: with installed app
  • Create an application without authorization. It will generate an application with fake data. And within the app detailed instructions will be provided to send to your admin.

Refer to this section for a detailed explanation on what is the Github’s application with fake data.

The steps below must be performed by a Github admin of your organization

Below we provide details for the installation at the organization level. If, as a Github Admin of the organization, the application was not requested for installation, you can directly install it from The following screens will be accessible when connected as an admin of the organization. When connected, you need to go to “Manage Organizations”

Manage Github

And then you need to click on “Switch to another account”

Switch Github

After this screen, on the menu you will see “Installed Github Apps” with a yellow point on the right signalling a pending installation.

Installed Github Apps

On the “Installed GitHub Apps” screen

Installed Github Apps

Click on “Review request”

Installed Github Apps

And finally click on “Approve & Install”.

The app is now installed at the organization level 🔥 !

The steps below can be performed as a simple Github User

Now you (the standard user) can signup: and authorize Toucan Toco in the authorization screen:

authorize Github

After authorizing Toucan Toco, add a password and click on “Continue”. From there a preview of the Github Instant Data Story will be created:

landing Github

You will then be informed when one year of your data are extracted and visible in your Instant Data Story application 🚀

Important information about data extraction ⚠️

Once you have successfully authenticated to Github and authorize the access to your data we will refresh your app with data from your Github organization’s name. If your account belongs to multiple organization, we will extract the data from the first organization in alphabetical order.

Github Application with Fake Data

This application is generated when the authorization process failed during the Signup, or if the ToucanTocoApp was not yet authorized by an admin. It will show you the same stories as in the application with real data but populated with sample data.

Within the application you will be offered the possibility to send the installation instructions to your Github admin and to populate it with your Organization’s own data once ToucanTocoApp is installed.