All the details about Toucan Toco’s support

How You Can Contact Toucan Toco’s Support

We provide support for on-premises installations mainly via email :

Please indicate:

  • the set of actions that leads to the error
  • Toucan Toco version of the frontend: curl https://${frontend_domain}/tucana-version.txt
  • Toucan Toco version and the status of the backend: curl -A "Plop 4rQD3KzCxWzTYaRyp0NSEfd6" https://${backend_domain}/status
  • the latest logs from the Toucan Toco container
  • logs of your web servers/proxies ahead of the Toucan Toco container

This support is open between 9:00 and 18:00 (Paris time) on workdays.

Community Support

Don’t forget we also have a discussion platform, to let you directly ask questions to us and our community.

Feel free to use it by browsing

Toucan Toco Installer Certification

We provide our partners and technical points of contact with a Toucan Toco installer certification.

This certification is delivered after a day of training (2x4h) where trainees get to install Toucan Toco several times with different settings for various use cases.

Please contact your Toucan Toco sales representative to organise this training.

If you do not have resources to spare for this, we will put you in contact with our certified partners.

We also provide a self assessment form to determine your level of familiarity with Toucan Toco stack and deployment environment.