Getting Started with Toucan Toco On-premises

Start in 5 Minutes

We strive to make our on-premises packages easy to run, and in this section we show you how to get started in 5 minutes. Below is an example of adocker-compose.yml file — downloadable here — that starts all the stack:

version: '3'

    image: mongo:4.0.13
      - "27017"
    image: redis:3.2.7
      - "6379"
    image: toucantoco/backend:latest-monthly
      - mongo
      - redis
      - "5000:80"
    image: toucantoco/frontend:latest-monthly
      API_BASEROUTE: http://localhost:5000
      - "8000:80"

Run docker-compose up in the same folder as this file and visit http://localhost:8000/ to use Toucan Toco. The default username is toucantoco, password is hakunamatata.

With this you are starting the following stack :

Toucan Toco - Docker Compose

Toucan Toco - Docker Compose

We are using default values as environment variables for most of the parameters accepted by our backend and frontend containers. The only specific variable is the API_BASEROUTE passed to the frontend container. This way when your browser downloads our frontend code it is fed the URL of the backend as well.

Production Architecture

Please read the rest of this documentation carefully. It is focused on helping you define and setup a proper production architecture.

This is our recommended target architecture with docker-compose :

Toucan Toco - Recommended production architecture

Toucan Toco - Recommended production architecture

We are agnostic about the container runtime and orchestration technology that our customers use. We will not be able to provide ready made manifests or other forms of configuration for your choice of orchestrator.