How to :: use the assets menu


Simply drop the assets you want to use in the upload assets interface.

The name given to the asset corresponds to the filename without the extention.

You can update an asset by dropping a new file on an existing asset. The asset name will not change. If you want to change the asset name, simply create a new one.

Only the following file formats are allowed:

  • .jpeg
  • .png
  • .gif
  • .pdf
  • .js (to use as customJS in the front config).

Identity Assets

Some assets names are dedicated to a specific use and have a default value, they are the identity assets:

  • bg-1: home background image (2048x1356 px)
  • logo-brand-header@2x: main brand icon used in the header for dashboard views
  • logo-brand-small@2x: secondary brand icon used in the header for slide views
  • icon152x152: iOS and Android icon
  • bg-report-selector: report selector background image (should be the same as bg-1)

Update them to brand the small app.