How to :: custom your report’s image background in config files mode


This is only available from the config files mode


Let say you have a report for each country and you’d like to customize your home page with a picture of each country.

Say no more, we got your back!


Report domain

Your report domain should look like this:

report img
France france
UK img1


The img column does not contain the extension of the file.


Add the following parameter under the name: "Toucan Toco's report"

img: "{{ img }}"  #this should be the name of the column containing the asset name

Note that you can call it something else than img.

Then define the background parameters as follow:

  default: 'bg-1'
  assetName: "{{ img }}"

Asset manager

Add the pictures with the same names as in the report domain.

Refresh your page and your background is updated.