Legacy :: stackedBarchart reference


This is a legacy chart and is not supported anymore. Please, choose a new chart.


parameters label type description (placeholder | tooltip)
legend     |
tutorial Tutorial object |
tutorial/alwaysShow Always show this tutorial boolean | By default the tutorial is shown once only
tutorial/content Message string Enter your message | This will be displayed to your users
tutorial/id   string Enter an ID | Change the ID to display the tutorial again. All tutorials with the same ID will be displayed only once.
meta     |
size   number |
sort   string |
variation   string (Column of dataset expected) |
requesters   object |
hideEmptyGroups   boolean |
rank   boolean |
selection     |
chartType     |
groupsOrder groups order   | use it to order groups
id     |
mobileSize   number |
outliers   array |
hideTotal   boolean |
label   string (Column of dataset expected) |
value   string (Column of dataset expected) |
groups   string (Column of dataset expected) |
time   string (Column of dataset expected) |
dataset   string |
style   string |
comment   string |
source   string |
labelsOrder labels order   | use it to order labels
filters   object |
filters/upper-right   object |
filters/upper-right/globalFilterId   string |
filters/upper-middle   object |
filters/upper-middle/globalFilterId   string |
visualSelection   boolean |
units   object |
unstackable   boolean |