[Legacy] Mapchart reference

To represent data related to cartography


These are legacy charts and are not supported anymore. Switch to the new charts to get the latest update of the chart

None options is availaible in studio

Only in code mode

parameters label type optional description choices
comment   string      
source   string      
style   string True    
legend   anyOf      
tiles/src   string      
zoom/scaleExtent   array      
zoom/transition   string      
zoom/fixed/translate   array      
zoom/fixed/scale   number      
markers/opacity   number      
markers/color   string      
markers/longitude   string      
markers/label   string      
markers/reverseScale   boolean      
markers/showLabel   boolean      
markers/latitude   string      
zones/opacity   integer      
zones/shapes   string      
zones/join/shapes   string      
zones/minDepthBreadcrumbVisible   integer      
zones/color   string      
zones/selectDefaultZone   boolean      
zones/noDataZones/color   string      
zones/noDataZones/hidden   boolean      
zones/noDataZones/disableClickEvent   boolean      
zones/label   string      
zones/reverseScale   boolean      
zones/quantiles   integer      
zones/drill   boolean      
zones/removeEmpty   boolean      
zones/drillMaxDepth   integer      
fixed   boolean      

Code mode sample

charts: [
    "chartType": "mapchart"