Legacy :: Leaderboard Centered Average reference


This is a legacy chart and is not supported anymore. Please, choose a new chart.


parameters label type description (placeholder | tooltip)
meta Bars additional info   | Will be displayed in the legend
units   object |
dataset   string |
data   object |
data/units   object |
data/geofeatures   object |
data/geofeatures/query   [‘object’, ‘array’] |
data/geofeatures/join   object |
data/geofeatures/join/how   string |
data/geofeatures/join/on   object |
data/geofeatures/join/on/features   string |
data/geofeatures/join/on/data   string |
data/dimensions   array |
data/highlighted     |
data/postprocess   array |
data/precision     |
data/date     |
data/hierarchy   object |
data/hierarchy/parent   array |
data/hierarchy/root   array |
data/hierarchy/id   array |
data/query     |
data/order     |
data/pipeline   array |
data/history   object |
data/history/joins   array |
data/history/data   object |
data/history/data/query     |
data/history/data/postprocess   array |
data/history/data/precision     |
data/history/data/date     |
averageText Average legend string Enter text to be displayed as the average legend |
filters   object |
filters/upper-middle   object |
filters/upper-right   object |
reverse     |
id     |
value   string (Column of dataset expected) Column containing bar value |
label   string (Column of dataset expected) Column containing bar label |
mobileSize Mobile Size number Enter a proportion of the total mobile screen | Use on multiple charts onlyEnter a number from 0 to 1
average     | Will be used to position bars
size Size number Enter a proportion of the total screen | Use on multiple charts onlyEnter a number from 0 to 1
tutorial Tutorial object |
tutorial/content Message string Enter your message | This will be displayed to your users
tutorial/alwaysShow Always show this tutorial boolean | By default the tutorial is shown once only
tutorial/id   string Enter an ID | Change the ID to display the tutorial again. All tutorials with the same ID will be displayed only once.
sorter   object |
sorter/default   string |
sorter/values   array |
sorter/legend   string |
packsOrder Packs Order   | Use it to order packs
source   string |
compactLabels Display labels with smaller font boolean |
packsLabelWidthMobile Packs labels width (Mobile) number Enter integer to override the default size for the packs labels in pixels | The option is not used on desktop
sort   string |
sentiment   object |
drillOnLabels Allow drill on labels boolean | Users will be able to click on labels to change the view
comment   string |
packsLabelWidth Packs labels width number Enter integer (in px) | The option is not used on mobile
packs   string (Column of dataset expected) Column containing grouping of bars |
labelWidth Labels width number Enter integer (in px) | The option is not used on mobile
lazyLoad Activate lazyload boolean | Use it to load a lot of data
hideAverageBox Hide average box boolean |
chartType     |
requesters   object |
sparklines Sparklines object | Add a line to represent the trend of the value for each labelMake sure you have define an historical datasetfrom the dataset editor menu.Learn more right here
sparklines/units   object |
sparklines/dateFormat Date display format string Describe how to display the date | OptionalUse d3 time format (like ‘%Y’ to display just years)
sparklines/showMissingValues Show missing values boolean | Display missing values as blank/white linesBy default missing values are filtered outto display a continuous line
sparklines/data   object |
sparklines/data/units   object |
sparklines/data/geofeatures   object |
sparklines/data/geofeatures/query   [‘object’, ‘array’] |
sparklines/data/geofeatures/join   object |
sparklines/data/geofeatures/join/how   string |
sparklines/data/geofeatures/join/on   object |
sparklines/data/geofeatures/join/on/features   string |
sparklines/data/geofeatures/join/on/data   string |
sparklines/data/dimensions   array |
sparklines/data/highlighted     |
sparklines/data/postprocess   array |
sparklines/data/precision     |
sparklines/data/date     |
sparklines/data/hierarchy   object |
sparklines/data/hierarchy/parent   array |
sparklines/data/hierarchy/root   array |
sparklines/data/hierarchy/id   array |
sparklines/data/query     |
sparklines/data/order     |
sparklines/data/pipeline   array |
sparklines/data/history   object |
sparklines/data/history/joins   array |
sparklines/data/history/data   object |
sparklines/data/history/data/query     |
sparklines/data/history/data/postprocess   array |
sparklines/data/history/data/precision     |
sparklines/data/history/data/date     |
sparklines/datesOrder     |
sparklines/joins   array |
sparklines/orderDates   boolean |
sparklines/commonScatter Common scale boolean | Use the same scale for all sparklines (y axis)
sparklines/prefix   string Type in text | OptionalAdd a prefix to value display
sparklines/forceLexicalOrder Automatic date ordering boolean | Set to false to disable lexical reordering of ordinal dates
sparklines/date   string (Column of dataset expected) Column containing the time dimension |
sparklines/value   string (Column of dataset expected) Column containing the line value |
sparklines/unit   string |
sparklines/legend   string Type in a legend | Optional
labelsOrder Labels Order   | Use it to order labels
variationLegend Variation legend string Enter the legend for your variation |
style   string |
rank Display ranks boolean |
variation   string (Column of dataset expected) Column containing variation values |
legend     |