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Available in studio

parameters label type optional description choices
domain   array      
groups   string True Column containing grouping of bars (Use it to breakdown labels into groups)  
labelPosition Position of the bar labels string True   [u’top’, u’left’]
packNames Display Pack Names boolean True    
hideEmptyVariation Hide empty variations boolean True    
recycleColors Recycle groups colors boolean True (when chart data changes (filters or requesters))  
label   string   Column containing bar label  
variationLegend Variation legend string True Enter the legend for your variation  
showAverage Show average bar boolean True (Will be displayed as a vertical gray lineShould come from the dataCan be configured in code mode only)  
averageText Average Legend string True Enter text legend for the average bar  
sort Sort bars string True (Select asc (ascending) or desc (descending)) [u’desc’, u’asc’]
packs   string True Column containing grouping of bars (Use it to group labels together)  
variation   string True Column containing variation values  
additionalValues   array      
rank Display rank for sorted bars boolean True    
sparklines/commonScatter Common scale boolean True (Use the same scale for all sparklines (y axis))  
sparklines/dateFormat Date display format string True Describe how to display the date (OptionalUse d3 time format (like ‘%Y’ to display just years))  
sparklines/forceLexicalOrder Automatic date ordering boolean True (Set to false to disable lexical reordering of ordinal dates)  
sparklines/value   string True Column containing the line value  
sparklines/date   string True Column containing the time dimension  
sparklines/prefix   string True Type in text (OptionalAdd a prefix to value display)  
sparklines/showMissingValues Show missing values boolean True (Display missing values as blank/white linesBy default missing values are filtered outto display a continuous line)  
sparklines/legend   string True Type in a legend (Optional)  
value   string   Column containing bar value  

Only in code mode

parameters label type optional description choices
comment   string      
labelsOrder   oneOf   Select your dataset column  
style   string True    
source   string      
groupsOrder   oneOf   Select your dataset column  
packsOrder   oneOf   Select your dataset column  
sparklines/orderDates   boolean True    
sparklines/datesOrder   oneOf True Select your dataset column  
sparklines/joins   array True    
sparklines/unit   string True    
legend   anyOf      
lazyLoad   boolean      
reverse   oneOf      
average   oneOf True Enter an integer that will be used as the average (Add a vertical average bar)  
children/root   string      
children/parent   string      
children/order   oneOf      

Code mode sample

charts: [
    "chartType": "horizontal-barchart",
    "value": "",
    "label": ""