Why Toucan Toco?

Unify through insight…

Let’s start with a story: Hans Rosling was a “datavisualization” pope. But he was first of all a doctor and International Health statistician. When he discovered that his medicine students (or the groups of Nobel Price laureate, CEOs, ..) were no better at answering basic International Health question than randomness would predict, he chose to to dedicate his life to spread this knowledge.

Here is what Hans did :

He used datastory telling and data visualization techniques to help close the knowledge gap and help people make better decisions.

Now think about companies. Every company sits on a gold mine of insights forgotten somewhere on a database. Every company takes decision based on outdated or plain wrong insights.

At Toucan we want stop that. Our goal is to make insights so easy to access and act on that you’ll have no choice but to make better decision based on a common understanding of your business.

By telling stories…

If the data sits in your database it’s of little use to your company. That’s why we craft data visualizations and kneet them into compelling stories to help companies spread insights and close their own knowledge gap.

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Don’t know where to start? Check out our data story telling canvas

Built through design first iterations…

We believe in small iteratives steps that will take us places we or our client didn’t even know when we started to build a new project. That’s because you bring your job and market expertise and we bring our data story telling expertise to the table. And we all focus on the user and design the tool that will best help her.

WIP workflow

That sets the ground for seamless data integration

When we converge on a design for the small app we do not start from scratch on the data integration side. On the contrary we can export data requirements from the app we’ve designed: we have a clear picture of the data extractions and transformations we need to perform.

Oh and by the way at Toucan we take you the way you are so please come and use your favorite data tool and plug it to Toucan :)

We hope we get you excited :) Now let’s build a small app!

PS : want to know more about Hans? Here is a link to his site, his book and one of his ted talks