Finish the Trial

This is the final part of our Trial Scenario! You made it 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Let’s finish it in beauty, go show the world what you’ve done, with just your phone.

Be Proud of Your Home!

Congrats!!! Earlier, you created your first Toucan home page. What an accomplishment! And see how easy it was?

Send Home by Email

Now that you have built and customized your home page, what about sharing it?

You want to print it out for your records? You’d like to send it to one of your colleagues who doesn’t have access to the app?

Simple, just click at the bottom of your home, on the Send PDF by email.

Type in an email address and the home will be shortly in the inbox.

Your contact will receive an email with a pdf attached and a link to access the home page.

✏️ Exercises

  • Make sure you have published your work to production
  • Switch to production mode
  • Go to your home page
  • At the bottom of the home page click on the Send PDF by email
  • Type in your Toucan contact email
  • He or she will receive your beautiful work 👑

See It on Mobile!

Everything you do in Toucan is mobile ready. It’s a no brainer. Our viz and design are made to be correctly displayed on mobile.

Go to your mobile phone or tablet, and open your web browser.

Go to your toucan app using the url you used for the training, probably something like: [yourname]

From there, select Add to home screen

For iOs


For android


✏️ Exercises

  • Make sure you have published your work to production
  • Go to your mobile and add your app to your home screen
  • Walk around the office showing what you’ve done in less than 2 hours! 💛


Toucan is a platform to align people, to finish your Trial Scenario, let’s discover a few of these cool collaborative options.

They are available from the right-hand side menu.

You can:

  • Read the Glossary
  • Add a comment to a story
  • Export data
  • Annotate and share a story
  • Embed it in your own website or presentation!

More with Toucan?

The Trial Scenario is just a quick tour, you can do much more with Toucan

  • Create custom data story telling: adapt navigation, design and data for each user
  • Manage users easily from a visual interface
  • Create a DataWall to display live charts on TV or a screen in your offices or stores
  • Create a pdf version of your app for your records

Becoming a data storyteller means joining a community:

  • Toucan Youcan! webseries videos to help you become a data storyteller expert
  • Tutorials to guide you thru advanced configurations
  • Newsletters to keep you updated on product enhancements
  • Support platform for online help: Discourse
  • Workshops and webinars to stay up to date

✏️ Exercises

  • You’re all done!! How do you feel?
  • Don’t hesitate to let us know how it was, your feedback is very important
  • And feel proud of your work, you’ve accomplished something great in no time 👑
  • Spread the word

You still have some time free? Visit our viz gallery to learn more about our viz.