Start the Trial Scenario


The Studio is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Edge, on recent versions. It also works on Internet Explorer 11, but with reduced performance and effects.

How it works?

The Trial Scenario is an hour long adventure to discover the environnement to create your own small app from A to Z: The Studio.

You’ll start creating a home page before moving to creating stories using prepared data.

Read the pages and watch the videos from this Get Started chapter and do the exercises on the application created for you.

You have two apps available to you: - Trial [Your name] : this is your sandbox, where you’ll do the exercises - Trial Scenario : this is what you should have at the end, this is what you will accomplish

Exercises are highlighted in the documentation like below:

✏️ Exercises

Follow the Trial Steps to discover the studio!

🙌 Our goal is your autonomy 🙌

At the end of this scenario, you’ll even be able to customize the stories built with your own data!


Didn’t get the link to your application? Let your sales representative know!

And after what?

Don’t forget to let your Toucan contact know that you completed the Trial, he or she will shortly be in touch!

✏️ Exercises

  • Relax and follow our steps
  • Move on to the next section: The Toucan Studio!

Let the show begin 🔥